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Why we use natural sugars in our effervescent drinks ?

By July 26, 2018Blog EN
Blog 1642 - Natural Sugars

At 1642, all our drinks are sweetened with natural sugars such as cane sugar, maple syrup, honey or apple juice. This differentiates us from the major brands that mainly use high fructose corn (HFC) syrup. Today, this sweetener is much cheaper due to the intensive cultivation of corn while being easier to transport and incorporate into drinks.

In this article you will not read that natural sugars are a miracle solution to your sweet tooth and that you can consume without moderation and without any impact on your body, this is just plain false. Sugar is sugar, despite its nature, if you want to consume a whole cane of maple syrup, the effects will be similar to an overconsumption of any other sugar.

So why use natural sugars and what are their advantages ?

They undergo fewer chemical transformations, for example the only step required to obtain maple syrup is to bring the maple sap to a boil. Unlike artificial sugars, white sugar or corn syrup which undergoes a multitude of transformations.

They don’t just contain sugar. Thus, natural sugars like maple syrup, honey, apple juice and to a lesser extent cane sugar contain water, essential minerals: manganese and potassium or even antioxidants and although they are in small quantities, they are beneficial to your body.  All this means that for an equal serving, natural sugars have a lower sugar content than refined sugars.

They come from here, which allows us to privilege the local economy and to keep a strict control as for the origin of our sugars even for cane sugar which is not cultivated in our beautiful province. Indeed, thanks to our Canadian supplier, we always keep a perfect traceability. This is not necessarily the case of corn syrup, which can come from GMO corn (Genetically Modified Organism).

Their tastes, last reason and undoubtedly the most important. Indeed, corn syrup brings only the “sweet taste”, it has no characteristic flavor while natural sugars have very particular tastes bringing a unique touch to our drinks. If you like to taste the good things, the earth has to offer and you like drinks that really taste unique, then turn to natural sugars.

What’s to remember from all this ?

Whatever the nature of the sugars, please do not consume too much. However, depriving oneself is not the solution, all the more so as sugars are essential for the good functioning of our body, and in particular for our brain which uses glucose exclusively as a source of energy. It is necessary to find a balance between your intakes and your nutritional expenses.

A 1642 drink is the answer to your search of how to please yourself. 1642 offers you more than a simple soft drink and using natural sugars are an indispensable means to achieve this.