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Recipe : Pink Velvet with 1642 Ginger

By July 26, 2018Recipes
Cocktail Orange Fines herbes et gin et sodas 1642

What you need :

– 1 bottle of 1642 Ginger
– 1 oz lemon juice
– 1 oz strawberry puree
– ½ oz strawberry syrup
– 1 sprig of thyme for decoration
– 1 orange peel for decoration
– Ice cubes

What you need to do:

Fill the glass with ice cubes.
Pour into a shaker in this order:
Strawberry syrup, strawberry puree, strawberry juice, lemon and complete with 1642 Ginger.
Mix and pour into glass.
Decorate the glass with a branch fresh thyme and orange peel.

Photo and recipe credit : Loony.com