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Newsletter September

By September 24, 2018En attente en
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For the arrival of the fall season, 1642 moves into Orange mode! You get it? For the launch of our delicious sparkling drink, here is an edition specially dedicated to our newest family member: 1642 Orange. You’ll not only learn more about what makes our 1642 Orange so special and refreshing, you’ll also about some delightful ways to enjoy it.

As good news never comes alone, you’ll also find out about a Moscow Mule kit 1642 style contest in the next few lines.

Image page produit 1642 Orange

Discover our new effervescent drink :

1642 Orange

Recipes with 1642 Orange

Mocktail : Floating Orange with 1642 Orange

Cocktail : Tom Collins with 1642 Orange

Plat : Roast chicken with 1642 Orange

Contest : Click here to learn more !


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