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Newsletter september 9th

By September 9, 2020Blog EN


This week’s newsletter is devoted to a surprising cocktail by Fanny Gauthier! Vermouth is in the spotlight with 1642 tonic. We also offer you a preview of the Quebec food box for September offered by Maturin!

Have a good day,

Mélanie, Alexandra, Quentin and Bastien

OBRIGADA Cocktail by Fanny Gauthier

Just to remind you what a vermouth is…. Put simply, it is a fortified wine that is flavored with herbs and spices. The word Vermouth, on the other hand, comes from the German “Vermut” which means Absinthe, and it is therefore for this reason that to have the name Vermouth it must contain Absinthe. As for the aromatic herbs, for the most part, we will find Angelica, citrus peels, gentian, Anise, coriander, cinnamon….



  • 0.5 oz lemon juice
  • 0.5 oz of chamomile tea syrup
  • 2 oz SOBERBO Vermouth
  • 2 oz of Tonic 1642


Directly in a High Ball glass, put the lemon juice, the chamomile tea syrup and the SOBERBO Vermouth. Add a lot of ice. Top with the Tonic 1642. Stir lightly to make the mixture homogeneous.


Express a big orange zest

Quebec Food Box By Maturin

You will certainly be amazed by the choice of products for the month of September! Pssst … They are also one of our team’s favorite products

  • 4 x Sparkling drinks – 1642
  • 1 x Smoked Planchette – Seafood from Quebec
  • 1 x Stimpson’s Clam Chowder – Pêcherie Manicouagan
  • 1 x Black Garlic – Island Garlic
  • 1 x Bufflone ​​Mozzarella – Buffalo Maciocia Farms
  • 1 x Tomato and Basil Duo, market gardener’s choice – Les Serres Hydro-Tourville
  • 1 x Chanterelle – Amyco Wild Mushrooms
  • 1 x Fleur de sel chocolate caramel – La Lichée

Discover the must-sees for September, right here!