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He understands everything she desires or almost everything

By May 26, 2017Blog EN

Our latest video created by Louis Frémont et Sophian Verry

A beautiful pin-up styled lady enters a bar, we recognize the signature, it’s the 4e Mur. No words are exchanged between her and the master of the bar, simply glaces from her to him and him to her. Skilled with his hands, exquisitely performing his choreography, this is his art… mixology. He understands everything she wants! Or almost … It is unequivocal, in Montreal, connoisseurs want 1642 Cola in their cocktails. Thanks to the 4e Mur and Loue1robe.com.

Actors: Isabelle Malenfant et Johnathan Pieretti
Make-up: Martine Loiselle Dionne
Sound : Benjamin Bongert
Thanks: Sarra Ghribi, Victor Pillet, Issam Kechouri, Antoine Galdes et Maxime Lambert