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Discover the new image of 1642

By July 13, 2018Blog EN
1642 Home page Image

Montreal has evolved since 1642, and now, so has 1642. From our very beginnings, our commitment has been to provide a unique gustatory experience. Even though the sparkling drinks market has a disposable, lackluster and less than go-getting image, 1642 choose to be ambitious! Our goal is to transform this industry into an art form—a renaissance of refreshments confident of being at the center of every table and even at the center of attention.

Inspired by the pioneers that founded Montreal, we led the way for those searching for more than a sparkling beverage—those hoping for quality, tradition, and exceptional ingredients—that could be experienced in every sip, on its own, in a mixed drink, mixed company, wherever or whenever taste matters more than thirst.

Just like Montreal is unlike any other city, 1642 is unlike any other sparkling beverage. And just as Montrealers have taken upon themselves to export the very best of our city to the rest of Canada, so too has 1642 decided to follow in the footsteps of previous forerunners and roam beyond our borders.

1642 will always be from here, and made here, but its unique effervescence deserves to be shared with everyone who expects a little more from their sparkling beverage, and their lives. We’re moving on – not moving away.

Even if the vision has expanded, the taste will always be one we can call our own.

These are good times, 1642’s joie de vivre is about to expand to new horizons. And we are so grateful to have you with us on our journey!