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Cocktail Recipe: “Pommal Chic” – Spicy Sangria for the 375th Anniversary

By May 4, 2017Blog EN

As summer celebrations for our beloved Montreal’s 375th anniversary are about to kickoff, we’re doing our best to keep you from getting boring or plain bad drinks. Were inviting some of Montreal’s favorite mixologists to create a goto list of easy, rad cocktail recipes that lift any party from meh to memorable.

For this first entry, we offer you a truly refreshing-yet-spicy white sangria that’ll be sure to instill festive fervour… And it’s got rhum! We call it the “Pommal Chic”, if you don’t get it ask your friends!


Ingredients :

0.75 oz Chic Choc Spicy rhum
1.5 oz white wine
1.5 oz apple juice
0.5 oz syrup
4-5 oz 1642 Ginger


Mixing :
Pour ingredients in glass on a ton of ice. Stir.

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Recipe by Mario D’Amico
Photo by Alexis Guerchovitch

1642 Pommal Chic avec 1642 Ginger
Pommal Chic