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Cocktail Cocalero Yuzu 1642 by Camille Fréchette Désautels

You need :

1 bottle of 1642 Yuzu

2 oz of Cocalero

.5 oz Cane syrup or simple syrup (equal share of hot water and sugar)

.5 oz to 1 oz lemon juice (to taste)

An egg white or a miracle foam of miss better bitter (chickpea emulsifier)

A bitter of your choice, I chose grapefruit (optional)

A lemon slice as a garnish

A shaker

A jigger (or a shooter)

A strainer or colander



Step 1: Take the small part of your shaker and pour in the lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white or vegan emulsifier and cocalero.

Step 2: Make a dry shake for 8 to 10 seconds (without ice) to create foam without diluting

Fill with ice and shaker for 8-10 seconds

Step 3: Strain (pour without ice) in a Highball (high glass) filled with new ice.

Top with 1642 yuzu and citrus

Add a lemon slice.


Recipe and Photo: Camille Fréchette Désautels