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1642 Orange our new effervescent drink

By September 24, 2018Blog EN
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1642 Orange

After 9 months of preparation, we are proud to announce that the 1642 beverage family is expanding with 1642 Orange. You know, there is always a lot of excitement and pride when you release a new product, but also a lot of apprehension. This project became possible following the crowdfunding campaign last November. 1642 Orange was unveiled at the launch party on September 20th. This special evening brought together the campaign contributors, who made this project possible thanks to their donations and support. Their patience was well rewarded, as they had the privilege of tasting the first bottles of the delicious and refreshing 1642 Orange.

Why did 1642 Orange take so long to get here?

Quite simply because at 1642, we have decided to always offer you the best so that each sip is a real pleasure. We are not going to lie to you, finding the recipe that meets our criteria of quality, taste and freshness, while keeping an irreproachable aspect, cannot be improvised. To live up to our expectations, but especially yours, we could not do things halfway. We had to find the right people and the best ingredients that Quebec has to offer to finally achieve the desired result. True to our values, our 1642 Orange contains only natural sugars such as cane sugar, is preservative-free (pasteurized in bottles) and is made entirely in Quebec.

So finally, what is 1642 Orange?

It is an orangeade with subtle notes of bergamot, bitter orange peel and Labrador tea. These citrus fruits give it a clear and slightly sweet taste that will refresh you on any occasion. But above all, it is a unique drink, made possible by our fans for our every client.

Just like our crowd funders, trust us and taste 1642 Orange.